Saturday, July 12, 2008

End of Medicine Hat posts

Okay, that's all for posts uploaded from Medicine Hat. I wrote most of these on a gravel island, on Day 11. When I wrote up day 8, I really was not pleased with it and so determined to let it settle a bit before trying again. I don't know if this posting format will continue in this way, but I hope you've enjoyed what I've written so far.

And to my parents: yes, things have been much safer since day 4!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the cable to connect my camera to a computer. Fortunately (?) my photos have not really been any good.

From here in Medicine Hat, I will continue up the South Saskatchewan River, through a large Canadian airforce testing base, around into Sasktachewan, which has regularly spaced regional parks until Lake Diefenbaker. There, I must determine whether I will be able to take the Qu'Appelle River further east, or be forced to bike south -- or if I'm utterly nuts by then, continue north into Lake Winnipeg.

I don't know when I'll next have computer access, but I'm hoping there will be public telephones at some of these regional parks for me to keep in touch with some of you.



Betty said...

Kevin called home on Monday, July 14th from Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park (west Saskatchewan north of Swift Current, southwest of Saskatoon, west of Regina).
It will be at least 3 to 7 days before he gets to Qu'Apelle River.
He says it has been windy and there have been some thunderstorms at night. The first storm caught him by surprise. The tent stakes were in sand and the wind started to pick up the tent. He got in a ditch. He said it was dry but he felt he might get hypothermia so he went back to the tent and found some big rocks to put inside to keep it from blowing away. The wind was so bad a few days ago that he made little progress. Now that he is on the lake there is no current so he's had to paddle a lot. He might stay another day at the campground to rest up. He has found the cord for the camera connection to the computer but needs to recharge the camera batteries. He hopes to post some pictures the next time he has internet access.

Rebecca Elves said...

Keep up the posting when you have time. You're a good writer and it is fun to hear about your adventures while I am stuck at a desk job all day. Stay safe!

Teresa said...

From half a world away, much admiration for your crazy journey! Keep posting and be safe!