Friday, July 4, 2008

Medicine Hat!

Hey everyone, it's day 13 and I'm in Medicine Hat! My original idea for this blog was to try to have a post up for every day. I don't know if that will work or not, but writing these blogs will generally trail the actual day by a bit, and then posting will trail the writing by a bit more.

In other words, most of what you read here will be out of date! I need a few days to put things in context - you don't want blogs just copied from my journal, which are usually just notes full of troubles and worries. I need a couple days to forget all that stuff, and just remark what is good!

So, I will try to upload some post-dated blogs to appear over the next week or so. For those who want more up to date info, I'll copy down my GPS coordinates where I've camped each night -- these are usually the canoe's location, rather than the tent's.

Day 1: 50*48.449N, 113*28.584W
Day 2: 50*49.948N, 113*25.739W
Day 3: 50*49.572N, 113*23.623W
Day 4: N/A
Day 5: 50*40.115N, 112*28.831W
Day 6: 50*25.630N, 112*15.348W
Day 7: 50*18.098N, 112*09.994W
Day 8: 50*07.912N, 111*42.212W
Day 9: 49*54.778N, 111*34.391W
Day 10: 50*03.087N, 111*15.466W
Day 11: 50*03.087N, 111*15.466W
Day 12: 50*03.809N, 110*52.622W

Also, if any of you would like postcards, please email me your addresses. Thanks!

I don't know when I will be able to upload next, so I hope these few posts will tide you over until then.


everflow said...

Hi Kevin

I'm the library clerk who signed you on to use the computer here at Medicine Hat Public Library.

Just want to wish you the best of luck on your floating adventure!

Dave Bahnmiller

Sarah K said...

Library clerks are so awesome.

It's good to know you're alive and well, Kevin. I have to admit, mom and I were getting a little worried.

I hope your trip continues to go well.

Be safe!

Betty said...

This is Kevin's Mom in Missouri.
Kevin called from Medicine Hat today, July 4, about 1pm Central Time. He was on the South Saskatchewan River.
His previous calls were on Monday, June 23, from Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park and on Sunday, June 29, from Scandia.
He says he's feeling good. When asked if he's having fun, he said yes.
He said it has been windy at times and had to beach several times to wait out the wind.
There aren't as many islands in the river where he can stay for free (campsites are $22 a night) so he has been sleeping under the cliffs that are on one side of the river.
He said the bugs are okay on the river but he needs deet when he goes ashore.
He does not have the port he needs to post pictures from his camera.
I thought he said he would be going down the "Powell" River but after looking at maps it might be Qu'Appelle River. He did say if the river was too low he would have to bike to the Mississippi -- at least I think that's what he said.
Thanks for all of your prayers.

Michelle said...

So good to hear from you! String is living at Calvin's parents house for a while. She's doing well! I'm glad your doing well too.

PsySal said...

Woo! Kevin hearing you are alive and well is great, whee! I confess it was super weird to have you drop off the radar (if expected.) Richard was the only guy who thought to ask when to hear from you, otherwise we might have been really worried! =) Okay no more about troubles or worries. TROUBLES! WORRIES! Okay now, really no more.

String is having a dandy of a time at my folks place. I guess she really likes to sleep on my Mom's boobs when she's taking a break in the back yard, ha hah well I can't blame her I guess I slept there enough in my youth, too.

The house is doing good, Calgary is really nice now and it's cool to think about you floating down the river. I think I may have found the cable you need for your camera, natch. Also I found a bag with a bunch of toothpaste and toiletries, well what else can you expect to leave behind eh if not your toothbrush. Also there was a rope that looked suspiciously like it might be useful in a canoe-camping-context.