Wednesday, August 6, 2008

[LIVE 46] Fort Qu'Appelle!

Here I am in the Fort Qu'Appelle Library, uploading posts! Although this is day 46, I only have up to day 28 ready to upload. Sorry about that. They'll be appearing over the next couple of weeks. I probably won't have another chance to post until Brandon, Manitoba.

I am starting to think of my blog as a very early draft for perhaps a book, assuming everything ends well and interesting. A very early draft, I say. A book should probably be less confusing in grammar, tense, and quality. It might not be organized into days like the blog is.

If you are just joining, the first post is Just keep clicking Next to proceed.

I have photos at

I hope you all enjoy the blog!

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Uncle Daryl said...


I am very impressed with your fortitude on this journey and quite envious. Reading your blog has been enjoyable and I look forward to your book (your writing is quite good and would be great reading for many adventurers at heart).

Your story I have shared with several people who are quite amazed. I believe that some are following your posts. Personally, I check every two to three days for updates. It was nice finding tonight that you were online as I write this note. Good luck on the remainder of your journey and know that we have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Uncle Daryl