Friday, September 5, 2008

[LIVE 76] Brandon!

I am in the city of Brandon.

It is nice.

I have uploaded posts through "Day 59: Good... or evil?". I have a pretty good buffer now, through September, and may begin speeding up the posting at some point.

I have questions for you readers:

1) My flickr account is stuck in French, a language I never learned too well, and my pro account has expired. Could someone do one of the following for me?
a) Explain how to navigate the menus to change the language back to English.
b) Explain how to navigate the menus to renew a flickr pro account.
c) Just buy me a pro account.

2) Was Fraggle Rock actually that good, or is that just childhood nostalgia?

3) Did Rocky and Bullwinkle actually have any continuing storylines, or was that just another gag?

Thank you for reading.


Cheech said...

A repondre a votre question a la Flickr,
1. cliquer sur "aide" a l'haut de votre page.
2. cliquer sur "English" a bas de la page.
3. si ca ne marche pas, je ne sais pas...
4. Les programmes americains comme "Bullwinkle" et "Fraggle Rock" sont seulment pour les enfants, et les adultes vont etre tres fatigue tres vite s'ils le regardent tros longtemps.

in English:
1. click "aide" (help) at the top of your flickr profile page
2. click English at the bottom.
3. That should work. If not, who knows...

Rob said...

Fraggle Rock really was that good. Gobo, Red, Wembley, the Dozers, and of course, the Trash Heap. Good times.

PsySal said...

Fraggle Rock was awesome yeah.

I think that the thing on Bullwinkle was just a running gag, but I couldn't be sure.

Bullwinkle and Fraggle rock were both that good.

Kevin Saff said...

When you have nothing but your thoughts and memories to entertain you, it is a bit surprising what a large chunk of your brain is taken up by childhood memories. It is a rare day that I don't get at least one muppet/Jim Henson song stuck in my head.

Hutch said...

My question many songs actually ARE about rainbows? Am I not thinking of them or is there a whole separate genre out there that I am just missing?