Friday, September 19, 2008

[LIVE 90] Portage la Prairie!

Hello, everyone. I have uploaded through "Day 66: The Assiniboine". I am having a bit of writer's block, and so I suppose it is a good thing this blog trails my journey by so much.

I seem to be forming a fairly large book collection in my canoe, which is a rather hazardous place for them. Books either get destroyed by rain, or being stuffed into my dry bags. I do wish now, however, that I had asked for gifts of small books at the beginning of the trip, so I'd have people to share all my reading with. I have been reading books by Blake, Byron (Don Juan (the first use of doubled parentheses in epic poetry?)), Sinclair Lewis, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Tom Stoppard, and John Updike. I also have picked up a book by Marquand, and am considering paying $1 for the privilege of seeing if I can finish Roth's "Zuckerman Bound" before it is eaten by the canoe.

The order of reading books is important. Going from Hemingway to Updike is excruciating. Steinbeck seems a bit lame after Updike, his descriptions, anyway. But I can go back and forth between Hemingway and Steinbeck with no significant pain. It is strange how that works.

I was wondering if you, my readers, wanted to suggest books or authors to look out for. These should be relatively cheap, small, and good. Cheap usually means used, but I have no prejudice against new books -- in fact I would prefer it. If they are cheap. And do suggest a proper order for reading the books.

Or just name any book.

Thank you for reading.


PsySal said...

Read "Moving Mars" by Greg Bear. Also, read "To Outlive Eternity" by Poul Anderson. The second one there is a short story.

Stay dry! Stay warm!

PsySal said...

There is "To Outlive Eternity" in it's completeness, you can download and save it!

Dave King said...

Just over two weeks to Portage la Prairie, much better than you were thinking. Should be in Winnipeg in a week or so.

Prayer For Owen Meanie by John Irving comes to mind.

- Peace

Michelle said...

Tuesday's with Morrie. It's small, a good read and usually available in used book stores. True story as well which is always great.The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. A novel about a boy with Autism...I think he had a thing for numbers. Can't quite remember. Both small books.

John said...

"Shaping Things" by Bruce Sterling.

Very slim and lightweight, but absolutely mind reshaping.

LBA said...

Timothy Findley, A canadian.