Tuesday, October 14, 2008

[LIVE - Day 115] Thief River Falls

Hello all, from Thief River Falls, Minnesota. The journey has been getting strange, and I still haven't written anything up for Day 79 yet. There is likely to be a lapse, then, after day 78 goes up as I try to make my way to Bemidji. I hope that this delay is not excessively long.

Thank you for reading.


SazzyB said...

Glad to hear you've made it across the border, Kevin.


Rebecca vdW said...

For goodness sake, if you havn't got boots yet, please go and get yourself a pair before you freeze your toes off.
I imagine it would be rather difficult to walk barefoot up a mountain with no toes. ;0)
I hope that you 'fly' south, always keeping ahead of the snow, like a good little birdie.

John said...

Thanks for writing.

but if you have to, drop the pen and run, you son of a gun.

Kevin Saff said...

I have boots! In fact my boots are so good that I was offered a pair in Bronson Lake, which the owner rescinded when he saw how much warmer mine were :)

The Mississippi River begins Saturday. I have word of another guy who departed at this time a few years back and arrived in NOLA with all fingers and toes intact :)