Tuesday, October 28, 2008

[LIVE Day 129] Grand Rapids, still

Hi, everyone,

No decision need be final at this point. It is a warm day here in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, a place that I do not wish to last out the winter. By the time all my American readers are voting, I should be in Brainerd, where I should have the opportunity to try fixing the boat if my banking letter goes through okay. If it does not, or I cannot repair the canoe satisfactorily, I'll call it quits for the season and think about where I should stay.

By Thanksgiving I ought to be in Minneapolis. This Thanksgiving I am going to attend the Saff and Rupp dinners (in Indiana) which I have missed for the last three years, living in Canada. This is another opportunity to stop for the season.

By Christmas I should be in the St Louis area, where my parents live. This is a conceivable resting point.

After that, continuing south should bring noticeable improvements in heat and light, and only a busted canoe would stop me.

For various reasons, I would like to learn how to camp effectively in the winter, and how to enjoy it. One day I might like to try the Iditasport, which is essentially biking the Iditarod dogsled trail in winter.

So I am continuing for now, although there are still many opportunities to stop in the future if it is necessary. When I have the chance, I will probably continue with more detailed "LIVE" posts as the dated ones become increasingly irrelevant. I am aware I have had few chances to call or email anyone individually for a while, and this is frustrating to me.

Thank you for reading, and for the advice!


Jessica said...

I give you so much credit. Ruby has been making newspaper sculptures of your canoe nearly daily. I wish I was invested in scotch tape. Thank you for the posts.

Kevin Saff said...

Haha, Jessica! I would like to see a picture of one of those!

Thank you for the encouragement.

John said...

That reasoning's so sound it's almost tautological: go if you can go, stop if you can't. :-D

dalin said...

"I will probably continue with more detailed "LIVE" posts as the dated ones become increasingly irrelevant."

Relevant or not. I've been following them every day.

LBA said...

Winter camping is a wicked sport. I have done it all my life. Mostly you just need good fire building skills. You should try it out if your back in Canada.

Kevin Saff said...

Well, it was getting pretty wintry by the time I made it to Minneapolis, and I did indeed start any number of fires. I'll have to say that while winter camping may be a sport, winter canoeing cannot rightly be called sport so much as self-torture.