Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 83: Bliss

My life was becoming increasingly blissful. Going so quickly from those two wretched days of rain, to the welcoming city of Brandon, to the "cereal bowl" and the sands of Spruce Woods had lifted my spirits to immeasurable heights. Every night as my head hits the bag I think to myself how I never want the trip to end. When I discover that Spruce Woods has no riverside camping available for me, I take it in stride, happily chatting at the reservations desk for an hour. When the awesome-looking gift shop is found to be closed, I just decide that I may make the ride back there on the day when it will be open.

My voice becomes sweet and wistful, as though I've been smoking the weed, but this is a natural high. Everything and everyone is beautiful. I aimed for the canoe camping site near the east end of camp, but when I discover it is inhabited I calmly paddled upstream and made camp at the previous sandbank.

The natives in this area held sand to be one of the fundamental elements of nature involved in creation. Truly it is a gift of God - so clean, soft, and dry. It was the sand and clear sky that pleased me, and I began fantasizing about sand and clean water, of sailboats and ocean beaches.
Such intense peace is rare to find on this earth. I don't know that I've had it at such a level, or for so long, as during this point in the trip.

Day 83 ended: 49*41.605N, 099*05.001W


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dang, maybe you're on to something here...

Kevin Saff said...

Somehow it is fitting that this week of bliss went online during some of the hardest times of the trip.