Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 84: Biking for books!

It was Saturday, and the Provincial Park gift shop was open! When I peeked inside I had seen many books! Being a natural sucker for any field guide that seems useful I had to go and see what books they were.

The first step was to get to a road. There was a "canoe campsite" nearby, but the low water made a nasty mud step rather than a gentle rise, and I succeeded in dunking myself and my bicycle into the dirty water before finding my way to the top.

The second obstacle, or rather obstacles, were all the friendly equestrians camped there. It was difficult, but somehow I got through all the scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast and bacon they threw at me. Fortunately my stomach is impossible to fill.

Despite the detailed directions and trail status reports from the horse riders, this bicycle rider soon became lost enough to resort to the GPS. I found the Transcanada Trail, which actually crosses all of Manitoba and was going my way. Me and my gimpy bike progressed west as I had to stop frequently and refill the rear tire with my broken hand pump.

And I saw a horsey and some families and a red van! They were all happy.

And I got to the heart of the developed park where the nice wood buildings were in the joyous rain showers and I looked at the books. I looked at them as though looking for a friend, but these books were not my books.
That was okay. I rode back a different way and in the sunset was pink! and the dark of my arrival was once again beset by equestrians bearing food.

Day 84 ended: 49*41.400N, 099*05.089W


John said...

Many a time I'll go into a bookstore and leave with nothing, but not feel the worse for my time spent there. It's amazing the amount of knowledge I'm not interested in.

Did you ever go to Jane Addams Bookstore here in Champaign? If you're ever around this way, you'll have to go. It has some of the best books I'll never buy, and a few I will.

Kevin Saff said...

It seems I must have stumbled in there once or twice, but I don't remember browsing too heavily. I expect to perhaps take a road trip between my canoeing and sailing adventures that may take me close enough to Chambana that I should make the trip. Hope to see you then, whenever that may be.

John said...

Perhaps S and I can meet you along the river, and the trip to and from CU can be done in, relatively speaking, insane obscene plush comfort

Kevin Saff said...

That would be awesome. We'll see when I get around the area.