Monday, November 24, 2008

[LIVE] Minneapolis

Hello, everyone, I have reached Minneapolis!

Actually, I have been here since Thursday. Why did I put off posting? Thursday was a little too cold to be on the water comfortably -- blocks of ice formed on all my stuff and even my clothes as I locked through the St Anthony dams in downtown Minneapolis. I staggered into the University of Minnesota campus gasping for warm air to thaw my hypothermic lungs, and spent my last dollar on a slice of pizza to heat my stomach.

In spite of that, I might have tried to continue on with my increasingly frozen adventure, except I have been committed to seeing family over Thanksgiving and the locks are shutting down for maintenance in December.

So I am now planning to winter in Minneapolis until May.

Here's my calendar at present:

Thursday, November 20: Last day of canoeing in 2008
Monday, November 24: Still in Minneapolis, staying with family friends
Tuesday, November 25: Flying to St Louis
Wednesday, November 26: Driving to Indianapolis
Thursday, November 27: Saff Thanksgiving
Saturday, November 29: Rupp Thanksgiving; driving back to St Louis
Monday, December 1: Locks 1-5 close; daily posts resume at the "Little Floating Adventure"
Sunday, December 7: Karen's recital
Monday, December 8: Locks 6-10 close; flying back to Minneapolis
January: Classes begin at the U of MN
May: Classes end at the U of MN; canoeing to New Orleans

It is all very confusing and nonlinear to me. All of a sudden I am looking for a place to stay and work in Minneapolis. Got any leads?

I doubt I will blog about all the individual days spent in Minneapolis, although this blog will at least be active as I throw all the old days up here. My muse has changed her tune and my journal has been accumulating sketches instead of paragraphs for the last couple of days. That may indicate a direction for blogging the long layover.


Cheech said...

hmm was wondering what you'd do once winter hit...
I take it you're planning to teach at the U of MN this winter?

John said...

You could work at the Heartthrob Cafe. How sharp's your roller blading?

Rob said...

I have a friend who runs a software consultant shop up there. Would that help?

they call him Tim said...

Welcome to Minneapolis! Dave King turned us on to your blog and I'm amazed by your adventure. It would be fun to connect sometime while you are in the Twin Cities.