Friday, November 14, 2008

[LIVE] St Cloud

Hi everyone.

I'm just checking in to say I'm currently in St Cloud, Minnesota. The boat's holding in and I hope to be in Minneapolis within the week. After that I hope to have some time and opportunity for a bit more posting here -- I'm taking a break to Indianapolis for a Thanksgiving family reunion.


Marlene in Newfolden MN said...

Hi Kevin,
Today the wind was so brisk and cold. We were shopping and I looked at sleeping bags good for down to 10 degrees. I wondered if yours is warm enough. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you are warm.
Marlene (in Newfolden, MN)

cloverdale said...

This is Sharon, from Banfill Locke, wondering if you made it through the locks, and met up with your contacts???

Kevin Saff said...

Marlene: my sleeping bag is rated to about 5 degrees, although it does seem to feel cold before that!

Sharon: thank you for checking up on me. I made it through the locks fine and got in touch with my contacts late yesterday afternoon.

I have been holding off on publishing a "Minneapolis" post because I am not going to be able to do any more canoeing this season. Blocks of ice covered all my stuff and half my clothes yesterday, and I was hypothermic by the time I staggered into the University of Minnesota. It was a good thing I had a warm place to spend the night.

But even more than that, I am committed to seeing the family for Thanksgiving, and locks 1-5 are closing December 1, with locks 6-10 closing December 8. It is not possible to make that schedule.

So, I am wintering in Minnesota and trying to figure out what that means to me.