Sunday, February 8, 2009

Airplane in Island Park

Portage la Prairie
Oops. I meant to post a blog entry every day, but I accidentally skipped this one. So instead I will post this photo of an airplane I saw in Portage la Prairie, the town which is the subject of the next two posts. I have started posting some other photos as well, not in any particular order.

While I'm here, I may as well mention the ads you might have noticed running all around the page now. I had an ad up during the blog's hiatus that pulled in a couple bucks, so considering that I don't have enough work right now I am going to see if I can pull in any real money with content rolling again. Let me know if these get too annoying. I am thinking of writing up summaries of the OLPC, Brompton, and other things targeted to certain communities in the hopes of pulling in a couple waves of people.


John said...

Have you considered submitting your articles to a sporting or outdoor magazine? What does that possibility look like?

Kevin Saff said...

I'm not really sure.

Cawlin said...

I completely agree with John. If not a magazine there may be a larger blog that would pay to republish your posts.

I don't visit the site as I grab everything through your rss feed. If there were ads in the feed I would click em.

good luck!