Friday, February 27, 2009

New meta-blog and meta-meta-blog

Okay, I agree with others who have said that there is no reason to blog about not blogging. I am now posting at least one entry a week, which might not be a torrent of information, but does at least mark this as an active blog. However, my goal remains to post quality content every day. One reason is it would be unfortunate if I embark on the next portion of my trip before bringing the story up to Minneapolis. Another is a couple people (primarily the couple who raised me as a child) do remark if I fail to update.

To prevent further pollution of this blog by a morass of excuses for missing a day or writing poorly, I have created a new blog Kevin's little blogging excuses, where I will speculate on the probability of a new blog entry being written up that day, and at least offer some lame apology if I fail to update.

When I got that site up, I realized that there was a problem. What if I don't update Kevin's little blogging excuses as well or often as I should? So, I set up the blog Excuses excuses where I may or may not apologize for the "little blogging excuses" blog.

Now, I admit to being a little worried about what will happen if I have trouble with that blog. If necessary I will have to petition blogger to allow an infinite progression of meta-blogs.


John said...

I am somewhat worried about your character, given that you have finally done a meta-blog, and it's about excuses, instead of any of the other metatextual exercises suggested by this enterprise. Still, it's good to see you up to your old tricks. It's possible that you won't disappoint me, and in fact you are dovetailing across all meta-blogs, and just merely started this one first to meet familial obligations.

John said...

Also, you could just skip to Minneapolis and work backwards, interleaving new events.

John said...

I recommend you pretend to do this, but you are lying.

PsySal said...

Kevin you need to put a permalink to your meta and meta-meta blogs on the right hand side of your main blog. You just ***have*** to.