Sunday, February 22, 2009

September 26, Part 1: Leaving Amber

In the morning, Amber insisted again that I take a pair of baggy jeans, as if that would make up for threatening me for cash the previous day. "You know I didn't spend that money on anything good," she said.

She also welcomed me to spend another night or two, saying she didn't feel like going anywhere all day. She was too tired to go anywhere except for maybe lunch later.

I said goodbye and she must have known I did not intend to come back. She said she didn't like goodbyes; we might see each other again, if only in the next world.

I wandered the city until I found the Winnipeg Information Center. I asked for a bus map and a good place to grab breakfast. The woman there recommended the "Underground Cafe". Brightly colored murals there depicted jazz musicians and Salvador Dali. The layout and hosting confused me as to whether I was meant to order at the counter or the table, but somehow I got my meal.

I didn't record what I ate, nor do I remember it. It wasn't anything special.

When I left the place, about ten, I headed to Mountain Equipment Coop, where I hoped to find gear that would make the rest of my trip easier.

While waiting for the walk light at Ellis Avenue, a familiar person was walking up the road towards me. It was Amber!

She asked if I wanted to go get drinks.

Day 97 continues.


John said...

Not cool

PsySal said...

Aha, awesome. Life is weird.