Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ugh, Winnipeg

So it turns out I did not take very detailed notes during my stay in Winnipeg. One page of my notebook only covers two days, the next, about five. It's difficult deciding how much I can expand these entries into full posts, and to what extent I should bother.

On the other hand I did type up about a day and a half's worth of material while I was there. I'm going to try to see what I can do with what I've got, but if these posts vary significantly in length or quality it's because of the lumpy source material I have here.

I am also a bit worried now about my Mississippi River material, now. I haven't reviewed it but I remember the cold making writing rather miserable, even though a lot was happening. This is one reason the blog just shut down during that time.

I'm going to try to just keep going on, but blog updates may become irregular when I hit rough spots, like now. I'm sorry about that.

Thank you for reading.


dalin said...

I hate Winnipeg by The Weakerthans:

couldn't find an audio version.

John said...

I would say to see the roughness of the material as an opportunity, instead of a problem. This is a chance to add a different kind of depth, instead of relaying the journal to the blog in a seemingly straightforward way.

There's an interview with DFW where he says something like: "I don't know how 'realists' got away with it. The fragmentation and the big, overwhelming feelings is the reality I experience, and seemingly the reality of everyone I know. I'm more of a realist than they are, because I know that realistic doesn't mean simplified."