Monday, April 27, 2009

October 1: Double Jeopardy

I'll give the answer first.

"I'm cleaning out my boat. There was so much mud in there it was developing its own ecosystem -- I had to throw out a rat and piles of moldy books." And a bunch of other trash too, but it might not have been a good time to go into exactly how much of his dumpster space I was using.

His question? "What *** **** do you think you're ******* doing? That ******* washer is for ******* member use only!" Actually I'm not sure I answered him at all. I never know what to do when someone walks up to me and starts cussing me out unexpectedly. It is so far out of my comprehension that I usually just stare back with a confused expression on their face. Usually they at least soften a bit, but not this time. I turned off the power washer but he continued.

"You shouldn't ******* be using that ******* thing. It's ******* ***. I've already had to put up with your ******' canoe."

"I'm sorry," I finally answered, "Jim said I could --"

Jim came running up from the docks and pulled the thick man away. When he turned back towards me he grinned evilly and cussed all the way back to the clubhouse.

Day 102 ended: HI-Winnipeg

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