Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tinker time

It's time to fix up the boat so John Stiehm and I drove it over today to Leonardo's Basement, a workshop I have been volunteering at off and on. I guess they trust me; they've given me the key to the place so I can go in and work any time I need to.

I've tried to take photos of Leonardo's, but nothing I've shot has turned out real well. Fortunately a month or so ago a professional photographer came in and took some good ones for an article in the Minneapolis Tribune. I am hidden in the background in at least one of the photos.

Also, the average age in these photos is at least five times higher than usual at Leonardo's. Studio Bricolage serves alcohol so only people 21 and older are allowed to play Friday nights.


John said...

Ah, very fun. That's something that is easy but we don't often take advantage of enough, which is semi-public "studio space" of various kinds. I don't know how tricky it is legally.. Probably not as hard as all that, just have very sweeping waivers to allow entry.

PsySal said...

Awesome, the season is warming up, eh?

Also I found you in picture #3, do I get a prize.