Tuesday, April 9, 2013

October 11, Part 2: Brainstorm

Here's how you catch gophers.  Put some peanut butter in this trap.  You can turn them in for $3, or you can eat them.  This guy around here made a living just killing gophers for awhile.  You can have the trap.  Really?  Yeah, my friend bought it at a surplus sale and I won it off of him.

Hey, why don't you just break into that building over there and spend the night?  Nobody's using it.  My tent will be fine here.  It's going to rain again.  I don't think you're supposed to camp at the Wayside Rest.  What's this?  That's my tent.  It's kind of a small tent.

Don't camp on the side of a hill.  My cousin was in boy scouts and it rained and their tent filled with water because they camped on the side of a hill.

What is that?  That's the trailer I built to pull my canoe.  You don't just drag it on the ground?

Here's how you can catch fish.  Just get a stick, some string, and cut up a can to make a hook.  Then what?  You can just let it hang out behind you.  You can probably get bluegill or crappies.

Here's a scar from fighting dogs.  Here's one from climbing a cherry tree.  Um, here's one from riding my bike into a stop sign.  Really?  Cool!

[If you're ever lost outside with no money, then a bunch of 8-10 year old rural boys -- in this case, Brett, Blair, Bailey, and Bryce -- are probably your best bet for a great brainstorming session about survival.  In return I had to field an earful of questions about my bike, my trailer, my canoe, and everything in it.  Every question was asked four times as each of the B's discovered each item.]

Day 112 ended: Lake Bronson Wayside Rest

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