Tuesday, April 23, 2013

October 22, Part 2: Staying dry

I don't know how other people do it, so I must invent as I go,  Although it essentially rained all [the previous] day, spirits remained high until my hands and feet began feeling hopelessly cold and wet.  The rest of my body was thankfully covered in Gore-Tex.  It's a mystery that I can walk in the water in the Gore-Tex boots I had and my feet did not get wet, but a day of rain leaves them soaking.

My hands, though, felt warmer at the end of the day than at any time during it -- looking ancient, shriveled, wrinkled.  It will be a while before I have a chance, but I simply must find a pair of gloves that will work decently, and then probably a couple extra pairs of socks.  I currently have 5 pairs of socks, and wore 3 during the rainy day, leave only a couple of pairs for later.

I use a tent for the night, since it appears the rest of the campsites lack the 3-wall shelters.  I hang my flashlight from the top of the tent by a string, and tonight several socks and gloves are tied up in it in hopes that swaying above me all night will help them dry faster.  With every reason to expect continuing rain, if I remain stationary for even a day at this point freezing is the more urgent concern.  I suppose other canoeists suffer the cold and wet much like I do.

The good news?  I discovered my hair had grown long enough to lay flat in my Tilley hat the Kings gave me, which fit well again throughout the long rainy day.

Day 123 ended: Star Island campsite (by the lake inside the island inside the lake)

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