Tuesday, April 23, 2013

October 23: Portage key

I have been feasting on my can goods to try to make the portages lighter, since I am sure to hit a town at least once a week, and assuming I can resolve my banking situation I can buy a week's worth of food in each.  What I do is grab cans from the bottom of the bag: stuff I don't like as much or has lost its label.  Cook up a couple cans and if by the third I haven't hit my regimen of carbs and protein, make some mac and cheese, adding tuna if necessary.

Today's marked portage was at the end of Cass Lake, a recreational lake, and its Knutson's Dam a recreational dam.  It turned out to be open and safe to shoot, saving me a 300 yard portage!  This inspired a code for my portage page, OOO, for Open, 0 foot drop, and 0 issues.

What's a portage page?  There are a lot of portages and to keep my spirits up I made a list of them in the back of my notebook, writing little codes next to each one; the final key becoming as follows:

  • xT: x number of Trips
  • xE: x number of Eggs
  • xP: x number of People seen
  • SG: Slid canoe on Grass
  • DF: saw a Dead Fish
  • OOO: Open 0 foot drop 0 issues
  • S: Scouted ahead
  • BP: lifted boat with Bungeed Paddles
  • FLH: Felt Like Hell
  • FC: Found Crack
  • GP: Gouged Pavement?
  • RR: Rest Room
  • RN: ReNamed?
  • xH: x # people Helped
Day 124 ended: a little spot of sand half covered in snail shells on the shore of Winnibigoshish, a mile north of the river.

I am betting strongly on no significant rain or wind tonight.  All my stuff is close together very close to the shore, with the intent that I can get going very early in the morning.  I hope this bet pays off.

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